When shopping around for dance lessons, people who have never had any instruction may not know what to ask. Therefore, we would like to suggest the following questions:


How long is a private hour of dance lessons? Specifically, how many minutes will I be actively taught during each hour?

Most studios "hour" lessons are only 50 minutes.

At Ballroom Step by Step, an hour means an hour, 60 full minutes. We give you a full hour for your lessons. Of course, we can schedule more than an hour, in increments of 1/4 hour. Many students find that 2 hours are just right for each session!!


Will I be able to choose which dances I am taught? What if I am learning faster than I am being taught? Will the instructor adjust to my pace? If I learn the material quickly and have pre-paid lessons remaining, may I use the remaining lesson hours I have left to learn new or advanced dance steps?

Many of my competitors are franchises, which dictate the way a student is taught and how fast. You are not allowed to go beyond the steps specified in the number of hours you have purchased. In other words, a contract limits you to learn a certain number of steps on a specific dance syllabus. If you are a fast learner and master the material ahead of time, you are not allowed to progress to the next level until you buy another contract. You pay the same amount regardless of how fast you learn.

Ballroom Step by Step is not a franchise. I will teach to your specifications and pace, not to the pace dictated by a franchise's syllabus. You can learn any dance or combination of dances you wish.


Is there a minimum number of dance lessons that I am required to purchase? What if after a few lessons I decide dancing is not for me, can I get my money back for unused lessons?

Many studios have contracts. You pay upfront for a series of lessons, usually a minimum of 40 hours, and commit to thousands of dollars of nonrefundable lessons!

With us there are no contracts, you pay as you go.


When can I take my lessons?

Other studios limit when you can schedule a lesson based on fixed operating hours and teacher availability.

We have flexible scheduling, including nights, weekends, and holidays. The flexible schedule is perfect for those who travel and have children.


Do I get to choose my instructor?

Often, with other studios, you sign up for lessons expecting one specific teacher, but are switched to another without being consulted.

Here there is no teacher swapping. You finish with the same instructor you start with - Me!


Do you have alternate locations where you teach?

A regular studio is in one fixed location, which may or may not be convenient.

I rent floor space in various areas of the state. I'm sure we can find a mutually convenient location.


Other than the instructor and myself, will there be any other people in the room during my lesson? If so, how many?

At a typical studio you have to share a so-called "private" room with many other couples.

With Ballroom Step by Step you are the only student in the room. It is truly a private lesson with no distractions.


Will I be listening to the music that corresponds to the dance I am learning?

At a franchise, since there are multiple couples taking a lesson in the same room, you have to take turns listening to the music that corresponds to the dance you are learning. For instance, if you are working on Waltz, you may have to learn while listening to Tango music.

During a lesson with Ballroom Step by Step, you listen to music that is specifically for the dance you are working on. For instance, if you are working on Waltz, you listen to Waltz music for the entire lesson.


How much is this going to cost me? Can I pay only for what I want?

Some franchises charge thousands of dollars upfront, often averaging $100.00 per hour. Although studio dance lesson packages include group lessons and parties, these "extras" are actually worth around $10.00 each.

The Ballroom Step by Step rate is $80.00* per hour on an hour-by-hour basis, you're not required to purchase package deals.
*Effective February 1st, 2007


Do you offer any incentives for buying in bulk?

Franchise studios offer no discount, even though you're spending thousands of dollars.

Ballroom Step by Step offers a 10% discount if you choose to buy 10 lessons in advance.